let’s work together!

Hello and welcome to my Portfolio website, I hope you are inspired and delighted by your visit. Below are some of my latest collections. I am constantly updating my portfolio and warmly welcome licensing opportunities and commissions across the world.

BIRDSKY. There is nothing so sweet and peaceful as little birds. From my office window I love to watch them happily hopping about and pecking at grass and seeds, enjoying the day. Chattering away without a care in the world, it is quite mesmerizing to watch:)

RAINBOWS & UNICORNS. Inspired by my two beautiful daughters. Allow your mind to wander through a magical forest where unicorns live and rainbows are everywhere. Ice-cream trees grow in ‘princess land’ of course and beautiful roses grow with each step you take.

COUNTRYSIDE PICNIC is all about unhurried afternoon walks and picnics with friends. Our kids freckled and sunkissed run through the tall grass while we soak in the beautiful warm breezes, balmy skies and a glass of white wine.